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This Christmas has been a bit of a struggle – I did not start buying things early enough so was left with a lot to do and get and I overspent. I am determined that I will get my finances in order in 2021 and this will not happen again. Do you have any tips?

You are not alone in overspending at Christmas or in feeling that you need to regain control over your finances in the New Year. At Citizens Advice Carlisle & Eden we are expecting to see an increase in people seeking advice on financial matters in January – people are more likely to research financial decisions […]

About five years ago my father-in-law was the victim of a scam artist who fleeced him out of £5,000. Once he realised, he was devastated and we were able to work with his bank to get some of the money back. We thought it was all in the past but in the last six months he’s received numerous calls, letters and texts from what look like other scammers. We want to try and keep him safe as his memory isn’t the best, what can we do?

Unfortunately, falling victim to a scam once can increase exposure to further scams. Citizens Advice has found that, once someone has responded to a scam, their personal details can sometimes be sold onto other criminals. This then opens the door to more scam mail, emails, phone calls or home visits.   If you recognise a […]

My mother has asked me to ‘make all the arrangements’ when she passes away. I’ve never had to do anything like this before and, with all the recent news stories, I’m worried about the high cost. Is there any information or advice you can give?

No one wants to have to arrange a funeral at what is already a difficult time. If you do, having an understanding of what is involved and how to deal with problems will help. Most funerals are arranged by the nearest relatives and if not by a close friend. If there is no one, the […]

My employer says I owe them money. What can I do?

When you leave a job, your employer can only ask you to pay back money if it’s for something you’ve specifically agreed to in writing. Even if you do owe your employer money, they can only take it from your pay if there’s a written agreement to say they can. Check if you owe your […]

I’ve just had my hours cut at work. I’d like to take on a second job, but there’s nothing around. It sounds ridiculous to talk about Christmas now, but I’m already worrying! I usually start buying the kids a few presents really early to spread the cost – but that’s going to be impossible this year. How can I make less go further, without going into debt?

I’m sorry to hear about the cut in your hours, and what it means for you. It sounds like you’re normally very organised, and I’m sure this will stand you in good stead. There are steps you can take to avoid your bills from building up. Look at ways to boost your income. A fall […]

I am in arrears with my Council Tax. What should I do?

If you’ve missed a Council Tax payment, you’re in ‘arrears’ – this means you owe money to your council. Don’t wait for them to contact you. You should contact your council straight away. Ask to speak to someone in the Council Tax office and tell them about your situation. If you ignore Council Tax arrears, […]

UC in Cumbria Report

We have recently worked with other Citizens Advice across Cumbria to look at issues related to Universal Credit in the county. We are making this report available for all to read and is available in PDF format. UC in Cumbria report 2020