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Posts by: Citizens Advice Carlisle & Eden

Advice Column: Preparing for your PIP assessment

I have to go for a PIP medical assessment.  I have heard so many horror stories about such things.  Can you explain what goes on at an assessment and what I need do to prepare for it?   Unless you have a terminal illness you’ll usually have to have an assessment to complete your Personal […]

Advice Column: How to spot a cowboy builder

Top tips on how to spot a cowboy builder When you employ a builder, it’s sometimes very hard to tell at first if they are trustworthy and reliable. But there are some tell-tale signs which can help you spot the difference between a cowboy builder and the genuine thing. Be very careful about taking on […]

Advice Column: Avoiding online scams

Top tips to avoid online scams   Online scams are schemes to con you out of your money using your computer and the internet, either through fake websites or emails. Although there are many ways scammers can get into your computer to steal your money and identity, there are ways you can protect yourself. What […]

Advice Column: Common Scams

Common scams Scams are schemes to con you out of your money. They can arrive by post, phone call, text message or email, or from someone coming to your home. Car matching and electricity meter scams and fake lotteries are just some of the tricks that scammers try. Reporting a scam You can report scams […]

Advice Column: How to spot a scam

July is Scams Awareness Month – here’s how to spot a scam Scams are schemes to con you out of your money. They can arrive by post, phone call, text message or email or a scammer may turn up at your home. It could be a scam if: the call, letter, email or text has […]

Advice Column – Mobile Phone Coverage

I recently signed a two year phone contract with a new network provider but the reception in my home is terrible. Is there any way I can get out of the contract, or have I just got to stick with it? While poor signal doesn’t give you a right to cancel your contract, you should […]

Advice Column – Legislation changes in April 2017

I have read about changes to the law coming in April 2017.  What are they and how can I find out more? A good starting point is always  This is an up-to-date website where the information is from reliable sources. April usually sees a raft of changes to law and this year is no […]

Smart Meters

My energy supplier has just contacted me to say they intend to install a smart meter at my house.  I understand this means they can access information about my fuel use directly and this will help make my bills more accurate, but it surely also gives them access to information about me that I may […]

Advice Column – Help with Heating Costs

I live in a rented house with inadequate insulation. I have received heating grants in the past, but my energy supplier had told me I am no longer eligible. My landlord has promised to do something about it, but has done nothing for getting on for two years. I have health problems, and really need […]

Advice Column – Zero Hours Contracts

I have been offered a job on a zero hours contract. What does this mean? ‘Zero hours contracts’ are generally contracts of employment which do not specify the number of hours that you are required to work. The employer is not obliged to provide any minimum working hours, and the worker is not obliged to […]